Joanne Choueiri is an architect, researcher, and artist from Beirut, Lebanon. Her interdisciplinary training allows her to work at the cross-section between art, architecture, and research. By demonstrating her curiosity for the interstitial space between the different disciplines, Choueiri realizes much of her practice. Her interest in memory, space, politics, and the archive has motivated her various works. Based on deeply rooted archival research, Choueiri proceeds to mixing architectural language of drawings, and models, with photography, and media installation producing stories of spaces. Influenced by her own context of Beirut, and particularly the civil war, she recognized the importance of uncovering different facets of the past in an undocumented setting. Her influences, Gerhard Richter, Walid Raad, and Lawrence Abou Hamdan to name a few, merge her passion for the factual research, their representation in the physical world, and the fictional narrative, that all come to play in the creation of the archive. By exploring different scales of the city - the house, the building, the square- and their memory, she continuously seeks to create and recreate the archive, exposing oral and visual narratives from different contexts. The work Choueiri presents explores the architectural archive and questions the ways in which it is put together while experimenting with different techniques to construct growing narratives of space and memory. With her work, she has participated in several exhibitions in Milan, London and Rotterdam. Before moving to Australia, Joanne was a lecturer at the Lebanese American University of Beirut. Currently, she is a PhD candidate and instructor of architecture and interior design at Griffith University, Australia.