The sources presented below were used as part of the contextual research of this archive. The academic sources shaped the understanding of the urbicide in Brisbane, while the remaining sources: archival, artistic and miscellaneous helped in the visualisation and verification of demolitions and the resultant political holes.

The sources are an under construction primary collection.

Archival Sources:

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Archival Sources:

- Andrew, Paul. Remix.

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Press Sources:

- Cloudland demolished. ABC Brisbane, November 7, 1982.

A newspaper with a person's face on it with medium confidence

da Costa-Roque, Sylvia. "Does Brisbane Need a Tower?" The Sunday Mail, January 12, 1986.

A picture containing text, newspaper

Dunn, Rosalind. "Arrivederci Roma." Daily Sun, 1986.

A page of a newspaper     with low confidence

Fagan, David. "Office tower to be city’s tallest". Courier Mail, November 29, 1985.

A picture containing text, newspaper

Fagan, David. "Brisbane’s tallest skyscraper gets mayor’s nod". Courier Mail, November 29, 1985.

A picture containing text, sign, newspaper, old

“This was the Bellevue”. Telegraph. April 29, 1979.

A newspaper with a person on it with low confidence

“History dozed to the dirt”, 1979?

McKenzie, Andrew. "Cloudland Demolition at 4 A.M." The Courier-Mail, (Brisbane), November 8, 1982.

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A newspaper with a picture of a person on it     with medium confidence

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A picture containing text, newspaper

"Streetscape Changes Dramatically as Brisbane Towers Reach Skyward." The Courier-Mail, (Brisbane), November 23, 1985.

Artistic Sources:



- Stringer, Richard. The Demolition Show, 1986.

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Miscellaneous Sources:

- Lost Brisbane.